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Light Goes (B​-​Sides)

by Parrot Dream

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Three B-Sides from Parrot Dream's debut LP, "Light Goes," out now via Good Eye Records.

"Oozing from languidity (“Woven”) to tension (“The Best”) to upbeat resolution (“Grey Falls”), B-Sides is nearly a proper album unto itself." ~ FLOOD Magazine.

"Parrot Dream is an act that is wholly familiar of the space that they occupy, as well as the genres people ascribe them to, which leaves their lyrical, thematic and aesthetic choices open to experimentation." ~ Phluff


released July 26, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: Woven
I know
You’'ll find
I'm falling for you
I'm falling for you

Blue sea
Red sky
It's dawning on me
It's dawning on me

You take me
Into you

There’s nothing but loose seams
They’re all coming open
Unraveling insides

You take me
Into you
Track Name: The Best
Honey child you
Feeding off the rest
Nameless and demure
Wishing nothing but the best

Pretty little one
Kicking up the dust
Lips as thin as ice
Needing nothing more than lust

Hold on to
Hold on to
Lines that bend in the wind

Hold on
Tears that shade
Feel them
Lines that bend

Hold on to lines that bend
Track Name: Grey Falls
Fox turns to sheep
Fowl falls asleep
Blood runs all red
Day's full of dread

You're out of line
Fault isn't mine
Love's in a heap
Wasn't too deep

Wait, where have you gone
I'm all alone
Fox in a hole

Wolf turns to crow
Sky starts to snow
Ice bleeds out black
Dawn turns its back

Wait, where have you gone
I'm all alone
Fox in a hole

Where do you find me now
How will we know the way
Where do you find me

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